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We talk about culture

The culture management becomes more and more important along with the rising of corporate culture. However, up to now the culture management could not be used effectively to enterprise development due to many domestic entrepreneurs and theorists still have fuzzy understanding on existence of corporate culture. Therefore, many corporations could not develop continuously and healthily.

From another point of view to understand enterprise culture
The corporate culture is a set of basic hypothesis for solving external correspond problem and internal amalgamation problem during the process of survival and development of enterprises. The ultimate function of corporate culture for enterprises is: the corporations enable to systemic consider the problems in the process of enterprise development based on understand impersonality evolvement rules of themselves, humanity, thing and develop continuously.

As a century-old corporation, the necessary purpose of corporation is to continuous get profit in a longtime management but not seek the short-term maximum profit; integrated consider to all aspects of enterprise; timely adjust corporate culture, thinking to the corporate culture is also for understanding how to realized themselves efficient circulation and metabolism during the development of enterprise; and good interaction with environment. Through considering the corporate culture, viewing environment of enterprise, resources available, the method of thinking and behavior adopted, carefully select and change the modes of thinking and behavior before the changing of impersonality environment. In this way, the corporate culture enables to adapt the continuous changing environment and achieve continued development of enterprise.

Long-standing enterprises must have a kind of continuous adjusted corporate culture adapted environment. On the other hand, the corporate culture of insolvent enterprise must not suitable for the environment or unable to continuous adjustment.

Achieve to understand each other between enterprise and employees
Understanding corporate culture can help enterprise considering development problems from the viewpoint of people. That is people-oriented. This viewpoint is not mean the people or some people as the core of enterprise management completely. It means that the enterprises should give full consideration to the role played by the people, the function of corresponding between human resource and management methods during the business practice. In enterprises, the strategy is implemented by the people, the processes are operated by the people, the produce line is also controlled by the people. Therefore, how to treat to people and what kind management methods adopted can impact the work status of people and baffle the exertion of ability. Finally, the achievement of enterprises should be effected.

Analysis of corporate culture is a process that the employees gradually understand the enterprises. The enterprises continue to explore the effective operation strategy and management modes, moreover form a kind of stable management modes since it established. Although the decision made in changeless mode maybe not the best decision, but have reasonable cause and necessity. It is accordant with enterprise’s own methods of behavior and thinking in a certain extent. However, these assumptions or ways of thinking is the enterprise’s learning product in the past and corresponding to previously environment of enterprise. It is not suitable for the current environment. After a period of time, new employees and new manager will be aware the application mode, but not understand the reasons for formation of mode. As time passes, they will puzzled to the process of strategy of establishment and strategy of implementation. Finally, it will have influence to behavior result. By analyzing corporate culture, understanding the underlying causes of decision and judgment the coordination extent with the current environment, enable to effectively improve the scientificalness and rationality of decision. Simultaneously, the results of implementation should be enhanced.