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HR Strategy


Talent Philosophy:Focusing on Everyone


The general strategic target of SINOCONST in human resources is to gradually satisfy the required human resources in terms of quality, size and structure in the planning period and initially set up the mechanisms for HR introduction, selection, training, evaluation, inspiring and binding so as to meet the requirements of modern enterprise system. SINOCONST will enhance the construction of working teams by focusing on key staff; will emphasize on education and training by highlighting capability building; will improve HR system by innovation; and will enlarge the development channels for HR by promoting co-growth of HR and the enterprise.

In the third 5-year plan, SINOCONST will set up working teams that suit the development of 5 business sectors by implementing the “345 project”, which means construction of 3 working teams, implementation of 4 HR projects, innovation of 5 HR mechanisms, so that the key staff and backup staff are adequate to meet with the development requirements of the company and the income of the staff is doubled. It will be guaranteed that SINOCONST will realize the optimization and upgrading of business structure, the continuous growth of revenue, the notable promotion of social value and the consolidation and strengthening of its position in the industry.